Sleep Study

Study Description

The study will recruit 21 normal healthy women and men aged 18 to 39 years and takes place in three phases. The first phase consists of a two-hour screening visit where participants will read and sign the informed consent form, complete questionnaires, and undergo a brief physical and medical history assessment. The second phase of the study will involve those participants qualified based on the results of the screening visit. This phase will involve a two-hour visit where participants will complete questionnaires and will be provided with a wrist-worn activity monitor to wear continuously for the next 13 days as well as a smartphone with a short reaction time task app installed. Participants will continue their normal schedules and activities at home over the next 12 nights/13 days and will complete the reaction time task using the smartphone six times per day. On the 13th day, participants will arrive at the UAHS Center for Sleep and Circadian Sciences for the third phase where they will stay from the evening of Day 13 until the afternoon of Day 17. During this time, they will be expected to stay awake for a period of 62 continuous hours and will be completing short tests used to gauge fatigue and mood and recording facial expression videos every 3 hours. Between 37 and 49 hours of continuous sleep loss, the participant may be given caffeine gum to chew for 10 minutes at different intervals based on an individualized caffeine optimization algorithm.


You are compensated $25.00 for Visit 1. If you successfully complete all required activities from the remainder of the study and follow all restrictions outlined in this consent form or given to you by the study staff, you will be monetarily compensated with $2,190.00 plus a potential bonus of $310 (depending on your performance on some of the tests), for a total compensation of $2,500.00. Compensation will be processed and mailed to you in 4-6 weeks

Study Interest Form

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