Stress Study

Study Description

Purpose: The purpose of the research study is to identify key personality and emotional state traits that are best suited for the responsibilities and duties carried out by military combat medics.

Time Commitment: The study will require 1-2 screening visits to the Scan Lab located on the 7th floor of the Banner University Medical Center and a visit to the UAHS Center for Sleep and Circadian Sciences located on 2033 E Speedway Blvd Suite 203. The screening visits will be 3-4 hours in total and the other visit will be from 11AM to 4PM the next day (29 hours).

Study Overview: The screening visit(s) will include the consent process and a personality assessment. At the end of the screening visit(s), we will provide you with an Actiwatch, which is a wrist activity monitor that measures your waking, sleep, and movement patterns. We require that you to wear this activity monitor at all times during the period of time prior to your second visit. The other visit will require you to complete a sleep deprivation protocol. You will start by completing additional personality assessments and cognitive tasks. From 11AM until 4:00PM the next day you will complete cognitive performance tasks, mood induction procedures, and a repeated stress task. Finally, you will complete the same cognitive tasks from the previous morning. After the tasks you will be a debriefed and then we will confirm your final payment with you and answer any questions you may have.

Compensation: Total compensation for full completion of this study is up to $580. In addition to the study compensation, a complimentary taxi/ride share service can be provided to get you home after the sleep deprivation visit if no one can pick you up from the visit.

Study Interest Form

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Stress Study Interest Form